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It rises with the purpose to create a contemporary Form of Art, and preserving the preciousness and quality of the finest Yarns.

Every single element of the Collection represents an artistic form deserving to be considered an Heritage.

Only Natural and Noble Fibers are used.

The Changpa Cashmere, the result of a highly selected breeding, preserved for over 500 years. This small herd of goats raised to 3,684 meters from sea level from the tribe Changpa, gives the best and longest fiber of Cashmere, the best Cashmere in the world.

The purest Silk, The finest Linen, and The high quality Supima Cotton.

Crafted with art and rigid controls on every single phases of the production, fabrics are treated in way that assure the highest resistance and the easiest maintenance, always conserving the same characteristics of softness, lightness and comfort.

Handmade Prints and Embroideries make each Item unique, unlike any other.

Only in this way is possible to obtain an extreme high quality product which guarantees the purchase of precious materials for the consumer, to be placed in the most refined locations.

The Collection is composed by Women’s accessories and apparel: Shawls, Foulards , Knitwear, Woven Item, Ponchos, Jackets, Capes, Cardigans, T-shirts, Dresses, Kaftans.


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Petanu’ by Pashma

The same Pashma spirit, the accurate choice of Yarns and exclusive Prints, is represented by a refined and elegant Collection: colourful Dresses, Kaftans, Shirts; in 100% Silk: Silk-Organza, Silk-Jersey, Silk-Chiffon.

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Bali Hai Hawaii

The Collection of T-shirt and Clothing in High quality Cotton, The summer spirit and the warm and positive atmosphere of the Hawaii.

The Collection is characterized by Original , Colourful  and Exclusive Prints and by the highest Quality of the Supima Cotton.

The finest Yarns give a pleasant sensation and makes the Items comfortables, the high wearability fits every sizes and ages.

A unique experience, a true Work of Art, luxury Product, inspired by the wonderful sun of The Hawaii.


Private Label

We have also High Quality Collections for Private Label with excellent prices.